Newcon Insulated Foundations Inc.

Newcon’s origins started by servicing custom home builders with specialty concrete installations and ICF foundations in 2005. Developing a strong reputation for quality construction, consistency and honest treatment of their clients, Newcon gained strength through their clients’ growth with repeat business.

Today Newcon is an industry leader in the field of ICF construction and specializes in multi-story commercial developments. Newcon has completed some of the largest buildings in the industry to date from Residence buildings in Barrie to Hotels in Ottawa and every variety of project in between.

Residential and Commercial Construction

Newcon is a full-service construction company, operating as contractor, sub-contractor and even retailer as the South-Eastern Ontario distributor for Amvic building Systems. Newcon offers a wide array of services in the form of track home ICF construction, custom home ICF construction, Project Guidance and trouble shooting, Residential and Commercial Consultation, Retail distribution, and Commercial Grade ICF construction as well as many more all across Southern Ontario.

Commercial & Residential ICF Construction

Newcon has become an industry leader in ICF construction. Commercial projects range in size from custom two-story cooler buildings for commercial livestock feed, to 240,000 square foot hotels and apartment buildings. Utilising some of the most advanced building materials in the industry allows Newcon to produce a structure for residential clients as well, which saves both time in construction and energy in the use of your home.

AMVIC Product Distribution

Newcon is the lead distributor of AMVIC products in South – Eastern Ontario. We carry and have full access to all AMVIC products. There are many advantages to using ICF to build your next project faster, stronger, quieter, and more efficiently. ICF construction typically takes a comparable amount of time as traditional forming of walls, however once ICF walls have cured the insulation and attachment points are already present. Meaning no need for further trades, ready for electrical and mechanical immediately following clean-up. ICF walls are typically one of the strongest forms of construction available. Click Here for more information about AMVIC products.

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