Company History

Concrete Installations and ICF Foundations

Newcon’s origins started by servicing custom home builders with specialty concrete installations and ICF foundations in 2005. Developing a strong reputation for quality construction, consistency and honest treatment of their clients, Newcon gained strength through their clients’ growth with repeat business. In winter of 2008 Newcon took on their first major commercial project with Wolfe Springs in Westport Ontario. The opportunity developed into a long-standing relationship and the experience helped change the face of Newcon for the Future.

Today Newcon is an industry leader in the field of ICF construction and specializes in multi-story commercial developments. Newcon has completed some of the largest buildings in the industry to date from Residence buildings in Barrie to Hotels in Ottawa and every variety of project in between. Newcon prides itself on a strong basis in project management and industry leading equipment, techniques and facilities born out of their experience and exposure. Through all the growth, Newcon has continued their commitment to maintaining honest and fair work practices making it a core value to the development of the company.

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